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xIO Stage 4×4

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The Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 is a rugged, durable, audio-over-IP solution that installs cleanly in any NEMA 8″x8″x4″ electrical enclosure. Delivering pristine audio quality, the xIO Stage 4×4 provides four analog microphone/line inputs and four line-level outputs, converting the signals to and from Dante for transfer over standard CAT5/6 cable from a stage or other source location to a Symetrix Radius NX, Prism, or Edge DSP.

Product Highlights
• Audio input (A/D), output (D/A) expander for Symetrix systems that
capitalizes on the surplus DSP of a Dante™-enabled Symetrix DSP unit
to bring overall system costs down.
• 4 mic/line inputs, including +48 VDC phantom power, and 4 line
outputs with the industry leading performance specifications of Radius
NX, Edge and Prism DSPs.
• Configured with Symetrix ComposerTM. No third-party software, archaic
DIP switches, or complicated front panel menus.
• Network audio expansion using Dante™ protocol over standard IT
networks. Ultralow latency.
• Mounts in standard 8”x8”x4” electrical enclosure.


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