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2 Line VoIP Interface Card

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VOIP interface card

Product Highlights
• Adds 2-line VoIP functionality to Radius NX, Radius and Edge DSPs.
• Natively integrates with Cisco, AVAYA, and Asterisk SIP-based call
• Supports both narrow and wide-band audio codecs.
• Capable of a broad range of telephony functions including dial, hold,
resume, transfer, do not disturb, and conference.
• Secure setup access from both AV and VoIP LANs lends support to
both IT/VoIP administrators and AV integrators.
• SymVue application builder and extensive third-party support enable
rapid development of application specific user interfaces.
• 2 independent SIP registrations enable 2 simultaneous and independent
calls per card.
• Field swappable by qualified technicians.


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