SD-6 Serial Digital & HD Video 6-Core Cable

SD-6 Serial Digital & HD Video 6-Core Cable

High-Quality Multi-Feed Analogue And Digital


6 core serial digital video cable, 3.8mm

Kelsey SD-6 is a 6-core precise 75 Ohm signal carrier suitable for multi-feed serial digital  and HD video signals. Its close tolerance construction accurately maintains electrical characteristics, making it a precise digital signal carrier.

Kelsey’s range of serial digital SDI/SDV type coaxial cables have been developed as an excellent alternative to industry-standard BBC PSF1/3 coax for both digital and analogue applications.

The precision engineering employed in the cable design and construction results in a flexible, high-performance coax with very close tolerances suitable for accurate transmission. The dielectric insulator is foamed with nitrogen for better propagation of high frequencies, with a solid OFC conductor for precise high-definition visual signal transfer.

Kelsey SD cable is double-screened with an inner aluminium foil to maintain exact 75 Ohm impedance and a copper woven braid for advanced electrical noise rejection, with a flexible LSZH jacket for installation in public areas.

  • 6 individually screened cores for running multiple video feeds simultaneously
  • Superb digital performance
  • Accurate analogue transmission
  • Precision double shield
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Clear image transmission
  • Superb digital performance
  • Competitively priced
  • Multi-feed version of Kelsey SD-1
  • Each core in Kelsey SD-6 is equivalent to Belden 1855, Draka Image 360 and Canford SDV
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