Serial digital video cable


Serial digital video cable with dark blue LSZH jacket, designed for low-loss signal transmission

Kelsey SD-1-LL Low Loss Serial digital video HD cable with dark blue low smoke zero halogen jacket. Available by the metre

Kelsey’s range of serial digital SDI/SDV type coaxial cables have been developed as an excellent alternative to industry-standard BBC PSF1/3 coax for both digital and analogue applications.

The precision engineering employed in the cable design and construction results in a flexible, high-performance coax with very close tolerances suitable for accurate transmission. The dielectric insulator is foamed with nitrogen for better propagation of high frequencies, with a solid OFC conductor for precise high-definition visual signal transfer. This low-loss version has been carefully engineered for better analogue performance at low frequencies and full HD signal transmission. It is ideal for long HD and digital video signal runs.

Kelsey SD cable is double-screened with an inner aluminium foil to maintain exact 75 Ohm impedance and a copper woven braid for advanced electrical noise rejection, with a flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket for installation in public areas.

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