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Laguage Distribution Unit

The IT-12 is designed to provide an open platform for any kinds of conference systems or devices demanding interpretation. Simply connect an audio output single to IT-12M as floor language the system will render 11 interpreters work simultaneously. The IT-12M, language distribution unit, provides 12 audio output correspond to 12 languages. Together with TG-10STX UHF stationary transmitter and TG-10R personal receiver the system delivers 12 languages wirelessly to audiences.
The system is good for:
* International Organization
* Government building
* Corporate conference room
* School language lab
* Church

Audio Input : Ø6.3mm balanced, unbalanced
Combo XLR Level: 2mV
Audio Output. : Floor Output: RCA*2 Symmetrical, RCA*10
Output Freq-Response : 10~16,000 Hz
T.H.D. : <0.05%
SNR : >75dBA
Crosstalk : >70dB(1kHz)
Dynamic Range : >85dB
Output Load : >1kΩ
Simultaneous Interpretation : 25 pin D-SUB
Power Supply : AC 110~220V
Power Output : DC 12V/250mA*12
System Consumption : 150W
Dimension(m/m) : 421mm(W) * 44mm(H) * 212mm(D)


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