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5017 Mobile Pre / DI / Compressor with Vari-phase

Comprised of a rugged, portable chassis with world class Portico pre-amp, compressor and DI circuits as well as two channel operation, variphase, silk and DI/mic blending capabilities, the Portico 5017 is an innovative and powerful tool for recording or live performance. In replacing the Portico 5016 Mic Pre / Variphase DI, the 5017 Mobile DPC adds single knob compression, DI / Mic Pre blending, and a go anywhere design to a well established classic. With Portico Series custom transformers and silk mode, the Mobile DPC’s sonic signature is nothing short of legendary. It’s the 5017’s revolutionary feature set however that make it an indispensable tool for studio recording, live recording and stage performances.

7.5” (deep) x 6.5” (wide) x 2” (high)
Frequency Response:
Main Output, no load,
–0.2 dB @ 10 Hz
–3 dB @ 160 kHz
Measured at Main Output, unweighted, 22Hz-22kHz,
Terminated 150 Ohms.
With gain at unity better than –100 dBu
With gain at 66 dB better than –62 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise better than –128 dBu
Noise Factor 1.5dB
Maximum Output Level:
Maximum output from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is +23 dBu.
Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise:
@ 1kHz, +20 dBu output: Main Output: Better than 0.001%
@ 20Hz, +20 dBu output: Main Output: Better than 0.002%
Silk Engaged: Better than 0.2% Second harmonic
Measured channel to channel: Better than –90 dB @ 15kHz.
Phantom Power:
+48 Volts DC +/- 1%


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