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FFE is an AV distribution company with an e-commerce platform supplying System Integrators, Rental & Production Companies & Resellers with professional and semi-professional Audio Visual products and services


How We Do It

With an extensive network operating nationally around Thailand, covering most aspects of the AV Industry, we are able to meet the simplest to the most demanding brief.

Who We Do It For

From Military to Music Store we service something like 80 application types. Venues, Clubs, Restaurants & Bars, Theatres, Healthcare, Conference Facilities and many more can be found in our project references.


Australian Monitor

B&C Speakers




D&B Audio




Hill Audio

JTS Brand






Rupert Neve Design





Project References Crimson Room + View Project Details

Project References Hemingway + View Project Details

Flamenco Bangkok

Project References Flamenco + View Project Details

Cine Digital

Project References Cine Digital + View Project Details

SEabed Grad Hotel

Project References Seabed Grand Hotel + View Project Details

Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School Secondary

Project References Srinakharinwirot University
Prasarnmit Demonstration School Secondary + View Project Details

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Symetrix in Control

Product Of the Month Symetrix In Control
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Zoom Mixing Contest 2020

Event / Activity / Promotion
Zoom Mixing Contest 2020
+ More News Details

Genelec GLM 4

Product Of the MonthGLM 4.
Your Sonic Reference. + More News Details

Dealer Application

Event / Activity / PromotionDealer Application + More News Details

Request application form please contact Ms.Suchaya Satathaworn 02-641-4545 or

Symetrix Composer 8.0

Product Of the Month Symetrix Composer 8.0
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10 Things You Didn't Know Your RØDECaster Pro Could Do

Helpful Tips
10 Things You Didn’t Know Your RØDECaster Pro Could Do
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5 อุปกรณ์ยอดฮิต ที่สามารถพกพาได้จากแบรนด์ Zoom

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5 อุปกรณ์ยอดฮิต ที่สามารถพกพาได้จากแบรนด์ Zoom
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Helpful TipsHow To Spot The Differences Between Fake & Real RØDE Videomics + More News Details

What Our Customers Are Saying

Since 2001, Fuzion Far East has helped a lot of happy customers with our professional team and relied on the Fuzion Far East solution to guide them.


Just wanted to follow up with you about the great service Fuzion has provided to me in the past and present. When I was Vice President of F&B

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CEO บริษัท Spy Light Item

ถ้านึกถึง Fuzion นึกถึงอุปกรณ์ระดับ World Class การเข้าถึงระบบงานมีมาตรฐานสากล ความเชื่อมั่นในอนาคต ไม่ลอยแพลูกค้า

ชยบาล ศรีสามารถ

CEO บริษัท Spy Light Item

System integration engineer & Sound Engineer


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ประภาส กุศลสัตย์

System integration engineer & Sound Engineer

ผู้จัดการฝ่าย AV Route66

บริษัทที่ทำระบบเสียงและภาพในเมืองไทยก็เป็นบริษัทที่มีสินค้าดีๆ มากมายนะครับ ทางร้านเราก ก็ใช้บริการมาเกือบทุกเจ้าหลักๆ ในเมืองไทยมาแล้ว

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Chokchai Khusuwan

ผู้จัดการฝ่าย AV Route66


Apart from selling systems, does Fuzion provide system installation service too? or just sell?

Fuzion will only provide system installation in case customers buy the company’s products.

Does Fuzion only sell audio system? Are there any other products?

Fuzion sells both audio and video system. If you sign for the whole project, we can provide a full range of services including lighting and sound.

Apart from Rode, what are other retail products that you sell?

Fuzion has products that are suitable for the retail market, such as Genelec, Zoom, Rupert Neve, Hill Audio, JTS, Work Pro, Kelsey, Camco, and Bluestream.

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Does Fuzion only have two loudspeakers, NEXO and Quest?

Fuzion has several other loudspeakers, such as d&b audiotechnik, Hill Audio, Australian Monitor, Work Pro, Aimline, and Neets

I want to be a dealer for some models of Genelec and Symetrix, what should I do?

You can apply as a dealer by sending documents to Fuzion for consideration. Find more details at

Do Fuzion products pay in installments?

Yes. You can pay 6 months of installments with 0% interest. You can also follow our promotions throughout the year.

How is your after sales service?

If there are any problems with Fuzion products, or you need additional suggestions, you can contact Fuzion salesperson for our service. Moreover, we also have a maintenance service department in order to take care of the products after sales. However, it depends on the condition of the product warranty that is specified by the factory.

Is there an engineer who could help set up an on-site system?

Yes. Fuzion has specialists that could help you set up an on-site system.

While sending the products for repairing, do you provide backup for customer to use?

Fuzion provides backup for you while repairing your products.

What measures does Fuzion have? in regard to the discount products that some dealers specify the product price on the website

If there is such a certain issue. Fuzion will immediately negotiate and amend further agreements.

How much and how long should customers buy in order to receive credits from Fuzion?

Fuzion will give credits case by case, referring to measures that the company has set and verified, such as previous purchase-sales history, customer company’s budget, etc.

Why don’t Nexo produce a controller for line array loudspeaker?

Because we want it to work with DSP. Real-time controllers allow users to monitor Power amp system and better quality to manage loudspeaker

Which one is better, Bosch conference system or Televic conference system?

The performance and usability of both brands’ conference systems are acceptable and reliable. Televic focuses more on creating, developing and presenting advanced audio products for meeting. Full of reliable quality, utmost comfort and the highest satisfaction during meeting or seminar.

Nexo is an outdoor loudspeaker? Would it be suitable for indoor too?

Nexo can be used as outdoor loudspeaker and indoor loudpeaker

What is the difference between JBL and NEXO?

Both brands are very popular. However, Nexo is imported by Fuzion, and we have technical support and service providing after sales to ensure customer’s highest satisfaction.

Why Fuzion product is more expensive than the products that are sold by dealers?

Fuzion imported products will include 7% VAT and import duty. However, Fuzion might have a little extra discount for dealers, but it still depends on the dealers to set the price.

What is the difference between HDBasT and IP Multicast?

They have different platforms and work differently, so they cannot be comparable

Why don’t Nexo produce an active loudspeaker?

Maybe in the future. Keep following news

Can Nexo loudspeakers be used with Power amp?


After submitting the details of the room size and user requirements, how many days will Fuzion reply back?

Around a day to two weeks, depending on the details and types of job.

Can the company give more discounts for walk-in customers? Do customers need to pay for the delivery?

We provide a 10-15% discount for walk-in customers and free delivery within Bangkok

If there is a problem with the products, can I send the product back for checking? Is there any charge?

If the product is still in a warranty period, the customer can claim the product without any charge. However, if the product is not in the warranty period, there will be a charge of changing spare parts.

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