Suan Nong Nooch Garden

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The Brief

Suay Nong Nooch GardenA new theatre at “Nong Nooch Garden”, is replacing the old theatre on site. That was opened 35 years ago. The theatre can accommodate 2,000+ visitors at one time and occupies 11,572 sqm. NEXO was chosen for this amazing venue. The system can handle the whole theatre and concert application. The audio signals are run via Dante from source to amplifier. So there is no quality loss on A/D and D/A. Symetrix is used to manage and distribute audio signal for the whole project. Digico SD11 also use for control live application. Sound quality is second to none in this venue. Camco and Quest are used for surround, front fill and VIP rooms. Genelec is also used for editing room for correcting tracks and final adjustment.

All Equipment used at the theatre on last December 2015 for the opening;

  • 5.1 System
  • NEXO GeoS1210 x 21 units
  • NEXO GeoS1230 x 3 units
  • NEXO RS-18CI x 6 units
  • NEXO NXAMP4x4C x 6 units
  • NEXO NX.DT104 x 6 units

Front Fill

  • NEXO ID24-T x 4 units
  • NEXO DTD-TU x 2 units
  • CAMCO D POWER 2 x 1 unit


  • QUEST HPI-8i x 22 units
  • QUEST QA2004 x 6 units

Mixer and Processor

  • DIGICO SD11 x 1
  • SYMETRIX RADIUS 12×8 x 2
  • SYMETRIX xOut12 x 1
  • SYMETRIX xOut4 x 1


  • QUEST QM700 x 8


  • QUEST HPI-5 x 12
  • QUEST HPI-12S x 2
  • QUEST QA3004 x 3
  • QUEST QM1000P x 1
  • GENELEC 8020C x 5
  • GENELEC 7050B x 1

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