Seminar Course NEXO S.A. ETC 2

Posted by Kae Fu on August 19, 2016  /   Posted in Events

July 28-29th 2016, Fuzion Far East Ltd together with NEXO held a “Seminar Course NEXO S.A. ETC 2 (Education Training Certification)” to sharpen their skills on sound system design to engineering, Financial and technical with Francois Deffarges an expert from NEXO and Mr. Suthad the honor to serve as the narrator. Content for this seminar was held for two days, participants will learn the history and theory of NEXO’s voice and acoustic. The technology advances the loudspeaker that NEXO manufactured for the last content will focus on the demonstration perform as designed sound system with simulation output volume level (SPL) with software NS-1 of NEXO and Learn how to measure and tune the phase, time delay audio software “Smarrt Live” before culminating installing speakers, subwoofers, such as lining cardio in. Boyd (Sub Cardioid), Omni Direct steep methanol (Omnidirectional.) To find out more Seminar like this please contact FUZION FAR EAST for more information, Call 02-641-4545.


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