PUR-Jacketed Cat7 Cable


Durable and flexible screened CAT7 cable with stranded cores and rugged PUR outer jacket O/D : 6.2mm

Recently upgraded, Kelsey DURACAT-V3 is a durable stranded Cat7-rated data cable for transmission of digital and analogue signals up to 1GHz. Jacked with hard-wearing PUR, DURACAT-V3 is very flexible and suitable for use in commercial installations. DURACAT-V3 is also suitable for Gigabit Ethernet.

The four twisted pairs are individually screened with an overall braided screen in accordance with Cat7 requirements for effective interference shielding, ensuring integrity of the data signal.

The outer jacket is made from tough PUR making DURACAT-V3 rugged and suitable for use in demanding situations such as theatre, touring and live sound.

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