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Microphone Accessories

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  • 500HG1

    Hanger for CX500 JTS

  • CLP-6

    Mic Holder for TX-6, NX-6 JTS



    Dual channel phantom power supply. Features balanced XLR inputs and outputs per channel. Operates via external power supply, or two on-board 9V batteries. Supplied 12VDC phantom power Australian Monitor

  • MA-123


    Adjustable In Line Antenna  JTS

  • MA-145LP

    Phantom Power Adaptor JTS

  • MA-250K


    Low-to-High Impedance Matching Transformer JTS

  • MA-500

    Phantom Power Adaptor JTS

  • MA-500E

    Budget Phatom Power Adaptor JTS

  • MA-63

    Condenser Microphone Adaptor JTS

  • MA-HPF

    High Pass Filter JTS

  • MA-PRS

    Selectable Phase Reversers JTS

  • MA-SW

    In-Line Microphone Switch JTS

  • MA-XU

    USB Adaptor JTS

  • Mh-16

    Mic Holder JTS

  • MH-22


    Mic Holder for JS-22, NX-9, TX-9, CX-509 and shotgun Mic JTS

  • Mh-36

    Mic Holder JTS

  • Mh-500F

    Mic Holder for CX-500F JTS

  • MH-56

    Microphone Holder JTS

  • MS-2L

    Microphone Display Stand JTS

  • ST-5071

    Shockmount Plate JTS

  • ST-5070


    Microphone Shockmount Plate with XLR(F) Connector JTS

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