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DI's & Converters

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  • DB 500

    Passive box. unbal input/ balanc output

  • DB 650

    Active DI Box


    100V line converter. Converts a 100V line amplifier speaker output signal to a balanced line level signal. Phoenix connector input to balanced XLR output. Rear panel level control Australian Monitor



    USB audio interface. USB input to dual transformer balanced XLR outputs, with level control and gound lift switch. Excellent for use with computer audio. Australian Monitor

  • RNDI

    Active Transformer Direct Interface Rupert-Neve-Designs-new-logo


    Passive direct injection box. Features 6.35mm input to 6.35mm direct out and balanced XLR output. Ground lift switching and 3-stage pad offering up to 40dB of attenuation Australian Monitor



    Stereo converter. Converts line level balanced audio signal to unbalanced domestic level signal. Dual XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs. Front panel level control Australian Monitor

  • GET-UP


    Stereo converter. Converts unbalanced domestic level signal to professional line level balanced audio. Stereo RCA inputs, dual balanced XLR outputs. Front panel level control Australian Monitor

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