On Top – Dusit D2, Patong, Phuket

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The First of many to come… Phuket sees the benchmark For Destination Properties Rooftop concept.

The Brief

A Sexy rooftop Beach club with a bang, Of course it was Fuzion who got the call to Install the Bang, area site visit to the D2 and bumping into an old friend (Tobias Rennings the GM)., we sat down for a brief. How it took us so long to conclude with “small footprint, big Sound everywhere” I don’t know.. but then looking down at the table scattered with what looks an empty glass for every cocktail on the menu.. I can begin to grasp where the time went…

So we took the brief and the hangover back to Fuzion HQ and drew up the solution for “On Top Phuket” – Small footprint, big sound,everywhere, with zone control and zone volume.


Symetrix Radius EX. why? – we needed 12 outputs so it was a no brainer. the EX with the 4 out expansion card.

2 ARC2e’s.. The First (address 1) located in the main DJ booth and the other by the pool.. both with individual presets – The Main Dj ARC2e controls “source Select”, “Main Area Volume”, and “Bar Volume”

The poolside ARC2e controls “Poolside Dj Volume” and “Swimming Pool Volume”

inputs we only used 8…
• 4 To the main dj booth. 2 for dj mixer and 2 for Aux mixer used for Percussion etc
• 2 In the rack for the BGM source player
• 2 At Poolside dj location

1 – Mid/high – main zone – HPI-25 x2 powered by Quest 2002 2 – Low End – Main zone HPI -12s x 2
3 – Delay main zone – Quest MS601w powered by Quest 1240D
4 – VIP cabanas x 6 (line volt system running of a single Quest 1500D with inline 50w Attenuators for each cabana
5 – Bar zone -Mono input into the Quest QM1000P 3 channel Composite amp (built in crossover) powering 4 x MS601W and 1 x HPI-12s
6 – Swimming Pool 6 X MS 601W (3 on each side of the pool)
7 – Poolside HPI25 x 2
8 – Poolside Sub – HPI-12s

So as you can see we didn’t need the extra outputs as Mono on the zones was more suitable. although we are thinking of adding it in and splitting delayed MS601 in main zone and cabanas into 2 groups each in order to be able to set the with greater accuracy.

Very simple solutions as we ran extra cables for this exact reason… we also have the option of moving one of the main subs to the same back area and delaying it from the first one.

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