Hooters Pattaya, Beach Road.

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The Brief

The classic hooters theme with basically a full on Sports bar set up… 30+ screens. Live band and dj.. Downstairs has to kick and the upper balconies are reserved for those who like to watch from a far and also be able to listen to the sports rather than the house band or dj.

So the first issue we for sore with this… is these guys do dj venues, bars etc… they have never done a live venue… seeing as they plan to open a whole bunch of these across the region.. we thought it would be best to keep the gear “standardised”  so we could train up a guy that can run around their venues sound checking new house bands, tweaking, cleaning and general up keep of gear etc.

In all the locations we use the Symmetric ARC2e wall panels so GMs, area managers have a familiar interface when traveling to different venues.

Hooters Pattaya Equipment List & Function


Symetrix Radius EX. with the 4 out expansion card.

3 ARC2e’s..
1. (address 1) located in the main DJ booth controls main zone volume & source select.
2. (address 2) Located up on the balcony controls volume for the 2 bal cony zones also source for Balcony
3. (address 3) Located in the retail store controls volume for the shop and the outdoor


1. Dj L
2. Dj R
3. Live L
4. Live R
5. True (TV Box)
6. CTH  (TV Box)
7. Astro  (TV Box)|
8. BMAsia L
9. BMAsia R
10. Outdoor Aux in L
11. Outdoor Aux in R


1. Mid/high L- main zone –  Quest QM700 x 2 powered by Camco D4 (channel 1)
2. Mid/high R- main zone – Quest  QM700 powered by Camco D4 (channel 1)
3. mono sub main zone – 4 x Quest HPI18LP powered by Camco D4 (both channels linked)
4. Delay 1 main zone  – 1 x Quest HPI5 powered by Camco Q4 (channel 1)
5. Delay 1 main zone  – 2 x Quest HPI5 powered by Camco Q4 (channel 2)
6. Delay 1 main zone  – 3 x Quest HPI5 powered by Camco Q4 (channel 3)
7. Outdoor Mid High – Quest Qm350i x 3 (mono)  powered by Camco D3 (channel 1)
8. Outdoor Sub – Quest QM600s powered by Camco D3 (channel 2)
9. Balcony 1  – Quest MS601 x 6 powered by Quest QTA4240D (channel 1)
10. Balcony 2 – Quest MS601 x 4 powered by Quest QTA4240D (channel 2)
11. Retail Zone – Quest MS601 x2 powered by Quest QTA4240D (channel 3)

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