Chi Ultralounge, Sukhumvit soi 13, Bangkok

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The Brief

Supper club on steroids,

2 zones – Restaurant side with good coverage, to be able to be subtle for dinner time yet be able to accommodate any crazy production that comes into the owners head.

Club side – international standard sound system that satisfies any dj’s / performers ryder.


Chi Ultralounge, Sukhumvit soi 13, Bangkok

Chi Ultralounge is the brainchild of one of Bangkok’s most infamous club owners/operators ,a one Mr Daryl Scott (AKA Dirty Disco Daryl) Having owned and operated a number of Bangkok’s most well known nightlife venues, Daryl wanted Chi to be his “masterpiece”. so what better foundation than the world famous Bed Supper Club, having closed its doors on Soi 11 in 2013 daryl bought the entire structure dismantled it piece by piece and re-erected it (with some major behind the scenes additions) on soi 13.

Some say it’s “Bed 2.0”. but this is Daryl we are talking about…  think Dragons wearing  speakers as earnings, weaving in and out of the entire club, gold and crimson red splashed everywhere with the entire restaurant’s ceiling 3D mapped projecting an orgy of sharks, dragons and mermaids above the crowd’s head.

So being long term friends with Daryl he gave Fuzion a call and asked us come and look at the old Bed gear which included some Nexo (done by our partners some years ago) and see what we could re deploy and what he needed to make Chi all it could be today. With 4 x PS15R2s needing nothing more than a couple of re cones, a bunch of MC2 amps we had a good starting point and a major chunk of the budget free’d up. Daryl being Daryl, us being us and this being Bangkok most famous club revisited we went all out. We added not 2 but 3 LS18 to the club side and powered them along with the Ps15s with a NEXO NX4x4… after the soft opening it was pretty clear Daryl need to up the Sound dampening.

Chi is a show piece for us…the entire restaurant being Quest, the central processing being handled by a Symmetrix Solus 8 and the club side being pure Nexo.

Equipment and Function


Symetrix Solus 8

2 x ARC2e.’s – local in each zone controlling local volume for now.


1. Dj L (club side)
2. Dj R (club side)
3. Aux L (club side)
4. Aux R (club side)
5. Dj L (Restaurant)
6. Dj R (Restaurant)
7. Aux L (Restaurant)
8. Aux R (Restaurant)

Outputs (symetrix Solus 8)

1&2. Nexo NX4x4 –  outs – 1- PS15R2 x 2 L, 2 – Ps15R2 x 2 R, 3 – LS18x 2, 4 – LS18 x 1
3. Nexo Ps10R2 x 2
4. Quest Hpi-25 x 4 (mono)
5. Quest Hpi-110 x 2 (mono)
6. Quest MC800 x 3 (mono)
7. Quest Qm600s x 2 (mono Sub)
8. Quest HPi 12s x 1 (mono sub)


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